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My name is Adam Rich. I am a damn good commercial lawyer, if I don’t mind saying. I’m the partner who heads up Wisewould Mahony’s Corporate & Commercial area. I’ve worked here since I was born as a lawyer in 1999. It’s the only place I’ve been a lawyer and the only place I’d ever want to be lawyer. I got lucky finding the type of law firm which encourages you to be yourself in the aim that this will produce the best outcome for the firm, its people and its clients. The approach simply works for all involved. Our firm is a band of personable, dedicated, hard working and loyal lawyers. I love working here because we are all committed to the model of being the type of lawyers who provide their clients with practical, timely and outcome driven advice. There’s no false façade, just real people providing genuine hands-on advice. We value our clients’ fight as our fight and our clients’ success as our success. The attitude I bring to my work is to make my clients see that I truly enjoy playing a role in assisting them achieve their business goals. The key for me as a commercial lawyer is to never take short cuts and always seek to meet and exceed expectations. Every client deserves for their lawyer to strive to achieve the very best outcome. That’s my aim. I give my absolute all to the matters I am involved in. My practice has had me provide advice across the full array of commercial/business transactions. I particularly enjoy being involved in assisting my clients with mergers and acquisitions, corporate advisory, business succession and co-ownership issues, intellectual property law and employee incentive arrangements.

Hiring casual employees – a warning issued to employers by the Federal Court
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Reading Time: 5 minutesDetermining whether to classify employees as casual or permanent is a significant decision for any employer. When making such a determination, employers must give consideration to the nature and continuity of work to be undertaken by the employee and the viability of paying casual loading – an amount typically 25% higher than an employee’s base […]

Lawyers in Business – Adam Rich from Wisewould Mahoneys
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Reading Time: 1 minutesGet to know Legally Yours Marketplace member, Adam Rich from Wisewould Mahoneys Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours, recently sat down with Adam Rich, Partner at Wisewould Mahoneys.  To find out more about Adam’s legal expertise and what makes him right for the Legally Yours marketplace, click on the link below and watch a quick […]