James Matthies
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James is the Principal of Matthies Lawyers and an Australian Lawyer with more than 13 years experience. James founded Matthies Lawyers in 2018, a boutique South Yarra law practice focussed on helping clients resolve conflict through negotiation, mediation and litigation across the spectrum of relationships from family law to business disputes to will disputes.

Binding Financial Agreements – The Best Way of Avoiding Costly Disputes if Domestic Relationships Unravel!
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Reading Time: 5 minutesMost people would like to avoid having to get involved in lengthy and nasty court disputes if they are unfortunate enough to go through a divorce, separation or even a breakdown of the relationship between fellow property investors– Binding Financial Agreements, commonly known as “Pre-Nups” by the public or “BFA”s among the legal fraternity, are […]

Lawyers in Conflict Resolution – James Matthies from Matthies Lawyers
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Reading Time: 1 minutesGet to know Legally Yours member, James Matthies, from Matthies Lawyers Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours, recently sat down with James Matthies from Matthies Lawyers. For more information on James’ legal expertise and what makes him right for the Legally Yours marketplace, watch our quick Q & A video. Need debt collection, insolvency,  family […]