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I provide a smart, fast and reliable legal 'health check' for start-ups, scale-ups, entrepreneurs and small-business owners. This one-stop service audits and assesses the legal viability of your venture – and delivers a report with recommendations on everything you need to know (and none of the stuff you don't) to protect yourself and your brilliant idea. It'll save you from overwhelm and confusion AND save you money, time and – potentially – your idea and reputation. I also offer a complementary service for investors to ensure that the entrepreneurs or start-ups they're considering investing in have the appropriate legal and governance frameworks in order to minimise risk, and to protect key assets and ideas and commercial certainty. To put it simply: if you cannot afford this service you cannot afford to be in the start-up business!

Is Your #startup Investor Ready?
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Reading Time: 1 minutesMany entrepreneurs I work with proudly tell me how much work they’ve undertaken ‘pressure testing’ their business idea, to gain proof of concept and for feeling that their plan is now validated. Many view such validation as, in itself, making their idea investor-ready. That view is wrong. Investors don’t just want a great idea and […]

We need to talk about your IP
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Reading Time: 3 minutesMany startups are born because they offer a new way of solving an old problem, or simply a more efficient way of doing something. Nearly all innovations or new ideas contain an element of intellectual property (IP). IP can be defined as intangible property that is the result of creativity. This creativity can be legally protected […]