Is Your #startup Investor Ready?

Reading Time: 1 minutesMany entrepreneurs I work with proudly tell me how much work they’ve undertaken ‘pressure testing’ their business idea, to gain proof of concept and for feeling that their plan is now validated. Many view such validation as, in itself, making their idea investor-ready. That view is wrong. Investors don’t just want a great idea and […]

It’s true – time really will kill all (M&A) deals

Reading Time: 2 minutesIt’s long been said that time will kill all deals. That has never been more true. The global uncertainties brought on by the Trump trade war with China and Brexit, coupled with tightening credit conditions in Australia, have started to really bite private business transactions. Often these risks don’t have a direct impact on a particular business. But, […]

Legally Yours partners with WeWork and Asia Law Network for an event about the Gig Economy

Reading Time: 2 minutesLegally Yours recently partnered with WeWork and Asia Law Network for an event on the ‘Gig Economy’. Moderated by Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours, our panelists shared their experience and answered questions on the following:- 1. The types of business structures suited for the gig economy; 2.  legal tips on what to watch out for when operating […]

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Value: am I getting it from my litigation lawyer?

Reading Time: 2 minutesEvery director or general counsel responsible for managing litigation is tasked with achieving better outcomes for less. In essence, the task is to achieve better value for your company’s litigation spend. However, you can’t achieve better value without an objective sense of what value looks like – how do I know when I am getting good value […]

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The Remuneration of Liquidators

Reading Time: 5 minutesIt is of little surprise that judicial consideration of the remuneration of liquidators remains a topic close to the hearts of all those in the insolvency industry, particularly at a time when the market is more competitive than ever. That the remuneration as well as costs and expenses must be “reasonable” is well established but […]

Time based billing: The Scourge of Efficiency and Innovation

Reading Time: 4 minutes“A story about time based billing” or alternatively “how to ensure your staff and clients are underwhelmed and unhappy” The billable hour is a widely used and accepted mechanism for the invoicing of clients in professional services firms, and particularly in law firms. As will be apparent to those whose keen wit managed to pierce […]

Protecting Vulnerable Workers Bill and the Repercussions for Franchisors

Reading Time: 2 minutesOn 5 September 2017, the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Vulnerable Workers) Bill 2017 (the Bill) was passed by both houses of Parliament. The Bill has recently received Royal Assent, making changes to the Fair Work Act 2009 (Act) Significant Changes There are significant changes for franchisors, in the aim of protecting vulnerable workers. Some of […]

Australian Customs Issues for the New Financial Year

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe start of the new Australian financial years brings a number of changes to exporters to Australia should be aware of. Some changes are so significant that has said that it will no longer ship to Australian addresses. However, while there are increased compliance issues, there are also new benefits that exporters should be […]

What you need to know about Selling your Business

Reading Time: 3 minutesMost business owners hope to sell their businesses one day. Knowing the basics of business sales will help you maximise the sale price of your business when the day comes. Selling a business will usually involve a sale of shares or a sale of assets. This article explains the pros and cons of both of […]

Why you need a Privacy Policy NOW

Reading Time: 2 minutesEvery business that turns over more than $3 million is regulated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).  The Act and the Australian Privacy Principles set out rules for how you collect, use and store personal information. A business lawyer can reduce your risk of a breach. The Principles require most businesses to consider the privacy of personal information, […]

Commercial Leases vs Retail Leases

Reading Time: 3 minutesDo you know if your business has a commercial or a retail lease? Were you aware there is a difference between the two? If not, don’t stress. Many of our clients are in the same boat. A lease is an agreement that sets out the rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord of […]

Leasing vs Buying Commercial Property: What is Best for my Business?

Reading Time: 2 minutesEvery business needs a premises. Is it best to purchase that premises or to rent it? Good question. The answer depends on your circumstance and goals. Advantages of Buying Commercial Property Ownership: the main advantage of buying property is that you own it. You can create the fit-out and design you want to perfectly suit […]