We need to talk about your IP

Reading Time: 3 minutesMany startups are born because they offer a new way of solving an old problem, or simply a more efficient way of doing something. Nearly all innovations or new ideas contain an element of intellectual property (IP). IP can be defined as intangible property that is the result of creativity. This creativity can be legally protected […]

Start Strong, Choose the Right Business Structure for Your Startup

Reading Time: 3 minutesThinking of starting a business? One of the first administrative steps is to decide upon your business structure. The business structure you choose will impact upon your startup costs, how much tax you pay, your personal liability, your control over the business and ongoing administrative expenses. Start on the right foot by seeking legal advice. […]

Who Owns the Business Name? A Lesson for Business

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Paragon Cafe The art deco doors of the Paragon café remained open throughout two world wars, three transfers of business and multiple financial crises. Now, despite purchase offers in multiples of the owner’s asking price, the business’s 102 years of operation is set for a tragic end. What/who could be responsible for the death […]

Startup Law Academy 101: How to Scale Your Startup

Reading Time: 5 minutesLegally Yours recently partnered with General Assembly, Latrobe University and Asia Law Network for an event on ‘Scaling your Startup and Fundraising Options’. Moderated by Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours, the following panelists shared their experience and answered questions on the types of business structures suited for scalability and investment, legal tips on what […]

How Much Does it Cost to Register a Trademark in Australia?

Reading Time: 4 minutesThe cost of registering a trademark depends upon what category your business falls under and the exact products or services you require your trademark protected in relation to.  It’s widely recommended you use a trademark professional who can not only reduce the risk of added expenses but give you the peace of mind you’re giving […]

How Long Does an Australian Trademark Last?

Reading Time: 5 minutesThe ideal option for protecting your brand is to register a trademark. Trademark registration goes a long way in protecting your brand name or other distinctive sign (such as a logo, business name, distinct packaging get up) in respect of your goods or services from potential infringers, as well providing you legal protection.  If you’re […]

How Can I Protect My Trademark Overseas?

Reading Time: 7 minutesMost business owners don’t enjoy dealing with the legal side of their company as it can be quite overwhelming having to deal with matters such as legal protection. Many business operators are inexperienced in the area of intellectual property such as, trademarks, copyrights and patents and are often unaware they should register a trademark for […]

What is a Trademark?

Reading Time: 5 minutesA trademark refers to any ‘sign’ such as a word, phrase, symbol, image, shape, sound, smell, colour or combination of things that identifies and differentiates the goods or services of one trader from the similar goods or services of other traders.  A registered trademark gives the owner rights to use the trademark as registered (and […]

The Importance of Documenting Your Decisions

Reading Time: 3 minutesSo, you’ve been brave and made the decision to start a business. Now what? The next step is to ensure that you have the right documentation in place to comply with the law and to set the framework for your business operations. Your Business Framework Companies generally require a constitution to be registered. The constitution […]

Top 5 Legal Mistakes to Avoid When Marketing

Reading Time: 3 minutesSo, you’re a small business owner and you want to increase your inbound leads? You turn to website development, social media, digital marketing or print or radio ads. That’s fantastic and really exciting. But there are legal pitfalls you could fall into and we’d like to help you avoid them so you can get on […]

7 Tips To Get Your Business Idea Off The Ground

Reading Time: 3 minutesIt is such an exciting experience to start your own business. It is a huge step and there is so much involved. It is common to be completely focused on implementing your ideas to start making money. But there are also legal matters to consider. Here are our top tips to help you on your […]

Risks To Copying Legal Documents From The Internet

Reading Time: 3 minutesSmall business can be tough. To set up your business correctly can be expensive, particularly if you’re legally trying to do everything by the book. We get it. As a business owner you’ll probably need to have a range of legal documents drafted for your business such as: – Shareholder Agreement or Partnership Agreement – […]