Lawyers in Family Law – Lavina Chan from Winter Lawyer

Reading Time: 1 minutesKaren Finch, CEO of Legally Yours, recently sat down with Lavina Chan, Principal of Winter Lawyer in Brisbane.   For more information on Lavina’s legal expertise and what makes her right for the Legally Yours marketplace, watch our quick Q & A video. Need a family law mediator in Brisbane? Head to our website at and […]

Legally Yours hosts a Family Law Forum in Melbourne

Reading Time: 3 minutesLegally Yours recently partnered with Karen Hodgkins Filmmaker for an open forum about family law. Moderated by Judi Rotstein, renowned Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and Mediator, our panellist of family law experts and professionals discussed the current state of the family law system and how the professions can work together in the future to achieve […]

Lawyers in Conflict Resolution – James Matthies from Matthies Lawyers

Reading Time: 1 minutesGet to know Legally Yours member, James Matthies, from Matthies Lawyers Karen Finch, CEO of Legally Yours, recently sat down with James Matthies from Matthies Lawyers. For more information on James’ legal expertise and what makes him right for the Legally Yours marketplace, watch our quick Q & A video. Need debt collection, insolvency,  family […]

Grandparents’ Rights under the Family Law Act

Reading Time: 3 minutesGrandparents are playing a greater role in many families, often due to the high cost of childcare and increasing rates of divorce.  But what happens when a grandparent is refused time with their grandchild or wishes to assume full care of a child?  What are grandparents’ rights in these circumstances? What the law says The […]

Understanding Binding Financial Agreements & Prenups

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhat is a Binding Financial Agreement? A Binding Financial Agreement is legal agreement used by married or de facto couples to determine how their property and financial resources shall be divided in the event of a separation or divorce. Binding Financial Agreements (sometimes referred to as ‘pre-nups’ or ‘pre-nuptial agreements) can be entered into at […]

Divorce: When and How Can I Get Divorced?

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen can I apply for a divorce? Divorce is the official ending of a marriage. Broadly speaking, in Australia you can apply for a divorce when there has been an ‘irretrievable breakdown’ of the marriage. Irretrievable breakdown is demonstrated by the fact the two parties to the marriage have been separated for 12 months or […]

Spousal Maintenance. What is it and am I entitled to it?

Reading Time: 2 minutesWhat is Spousal Maintenance? Spousal maintenance is a payment from one former spouse to the other former spouse after separation or divorce. The purpose of spousal maintenance is to help the recipient support themselves. It is a separate payment to child support and may be payable in addition to child support. Who is entitled to […]

Separating? Keep it Positive

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen a marriage doesn’t work out it can be devastating.  But once the hurt subsides there can be positive ways couples can work through a separation. This blog provides tips on how couples can separate in a positive way. A Positive Story of Separation I’d like to share a story of a beautiful couple that […]

7 Practical Tips When You’re Separating

Reading Time: 3 minutesWhen couples separate, it can be a highly emotional time for all involved.  Often simple matters can be overlooked or ignored. Below we have compiled 7 practical tips that people should consider when going through the separation process. 1. Counselling Try and access counselling services as soon as possible. Ideally it would be great for […]

Are Financial Agreements Worth the Paper They Are Written On?

Reading Time: 3 minutesA lot of couples, both pre-marriage and post-marriage, are entering into Financial Agreements to deal with the distribution of their property and assets in the event of a separation. Similarly, separating couples are using Financial Agreements as a way to distribute property and assets post-separation too. So what is a financial agreement? What makes it […]

Separated? 5 Steps to Applying for a Divorce Certificate

Reading Time: 4 minutesFor the majority of separated couples, applying for a Divorce Certificate is the final step in having their marriage formally recognised as dissolved. To apply for a Divorce Certificate, you must be able to show you have been separated in excess of 12 months and there is no reasonable likelihood that you will resume your […]