Karen Finch, Founder of Legally Yours, featured on Noel Jones Micham

Reading Time: 1 minutesKaren Finch, from Legally Yours, appeared as a guest speaker in the latest Noel Jones Mitcham January 2016 update. Karen discusses the Legally Yours business model and the services offered. For more details on how the discussion went, click through the following video!   blogMore Posts

Karen Finch – Founder Legally Yours – A New Model for Legal Services

Reading Time: 1 minutesLegally Yours CEO Karen Finch speaks to Beyond Billables about Legally Yours and what this new model of legal services will bring to the Australian legal landscape. Legally Yours offer another flexible platform for lawyers to work from in a far more flexible and nimble way. We had a great chat with Karen about her […]

The survival of small law firms

Reading Time: 1 minutesIt comes as no surprise that the legal profession is experiencing a paradigm shift. Much of that shift has been driven by a tough economic climate, emerging digital disruption and an oversupply of lawyers. Legally Yours comments on the trends that the changed market creates and the challenges law firms face. The changed market creates […]

Firms ‘like their pound of flesh’, likely to resist hiring freelancers

Reading Time: 1 minutesA simple way to stop lawyers having to work 80-hour weeks is to hire freelance lawyers, but will law firms warm up to the idea? Legally Yours comments on the trends in the legal industry in a feature with Lawyers Weekly. A simple way to stop lawyers having to work 80-hour weeks is to hire freelance lawyers, […]

Lawyers of the future

Reading Time: 1 minutesHear from Legally Yours about the lawyers of the future and freelancing in the legal industry – what does it mean to be doing freelancing and what will it look like in the future? Freelancing in the legal industry has changed over the years. It no longer simply relates to ‘contract lawyering’ or document review; […]

Are traditional law firms about to have their Kodak moment?

Reading Time: 1 minutesThere’s been a lot of talk about disruption and innovation lately, and rightly so. The profitability of traditional law firms is being threatened. But what does disruptive innovation actually mean? Hear from Legally Yours via Lawyers Weekly about disruptive innovation and what it means. Most people liken the words to the Silicon Valley interpretation, which […]

Top 5 content marketing mistakes law firms make

Reading Time: 1 minutesWhat are some of the content marketing mistakes law firms make? Legally Yours shares their expertise on how to help your efforts pay off on Lawyers Weekly. If you want your marketing efforts to pay off, it’s crucial that you don’t make the mistakes that I see most lawyers (and even big law firms with […]

A new way to work

Reading Time: 1 minutesLegally Yours CEO, Karen Finch spoke with Lawyers Weekly about the low retention rates in law and how the profession can keep the brilliant minds by exploring new ways of working. “If you allow people to work within the confines and the contexts that best suit them, you’re going to be able to get the […]

Are Fixed-Fee Legal Marketplaces the Way Of the Future?

Reading Time: 1 minutesLegally Yours CEO Karen Finch shares her insights with Lawyer Weekly on how law firms can thrive by fixing their fees on legal services in a centralised marketplace. So, how does the legal industry tap into this technology? We must first ask how prospective clients search for a lawyer. Usually, it is through word-of-mouth, a […]

Making lawyers more accessible to clients

Reading Time: 1 minutesLegally Yours CEO, Karen Finch was featured on Australasian Lawyer and spoke of her motivation behind the Legally Yours platform.   “I want all lawyers in Australia to understand the benefits of practicing fixed-fee and being more accessible to the community, as well as being client-focused in their approach,” says Karen Finch, Legally Yours CEO. […]

Legally Yours wins MYOB Pitch Night

Reading Time: 1 minutesIt was an exhilarating couple of nights @ CreativeCubes.Co Richmond + Hawthorn. 20 startups (thanks to MYOB) now have 12 months rent FREE to develop, pivot & grow their ideas in market. One of the winners was Legally Yours. Claire from The Fashion Advocate took some time to interview Karen Finch CEO & Co-Founder to help us all learn […]

Micro Business Award – Legally Yours Pty Ltd

Reading Time: 1 minutesLegally Yours Pty Ltd Legally Yours are a legal marketplace that matches clients with fixed-fee lawyers across all areas of law. If a client is asked to pay more than they were quoted for a legal service Legally Yours will step in and support the client in obtaining quality legal advice for a fixed price. […]