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Separated? 5 Steps to Applying for a Divorce Certificate
Divorce and Child Custody,Family Law,Personal,Properties and Real Estate

Reading Time: 4 minutesFor the majority of separated couples, applying for a Divorce Certificate is the final step in having their marriage formally recognised as dissolved. To apply for a Divorce Certificate, you must be able to show you have been separated in excess of 12 months and there is no reasonable likelihood that you will resume your […]

4 Tips to Starting a Business While Still Employed
Business,Business Advice,Employment Law,Intellectual Property,Legal Contracts,Startups

Reading Time: 3 minutesPlanning to start your own business can be an extremely exciting time in your professional career.  Most new business owners, however, will need to remain employed until their business gets off the ground and they can afford to devote themselves financially to their business full time. In this blog Fiona we provide 4 tips to […]

Legal Tips for Same Sex Couples
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal,Wills, Probates and Trusts

Reading Time: 3 minutesThe issue of marriage equality is a hot topic in today’s media. Irrespective of your own personal beliefs on this issue, it is important that people are aware of how to protect their legal interests, as well as the sanctity of their relationship, particularly if they are in a same sex relationship In this blog […]

Legal Tips to Buying An Established Business
Business,Business Advice,Funding,Legal Contracts,Startups

Reading Time: 2 minutesThere are many advantages when buying an established business.  Not only are you purchasing a fully functioning business, but you also benefit from purchasing an existing customer base, set supply chain, assets and inventory. In this blog we share some legal tips provided by our fixed-fee commercial lawyer, Avanthi De Alwis, on how you can […]

Appointed As Executor? What To Do
Personal,Properties and Real Estate,Wills, Probates and Trusts

Reading Time: 4 minutesHave you been nominated as Executor in your next of kin’s Will? Would you know how to fulfil your loved one’s last wishes? Would you know the process of gaining a grant of probate?  How would you go about accessing bank accounts and distributing assets in your loved one’s name? This blog outlines the process […]

Tips to Help Your Friend Through Separation & Divorce
Divorce and Child Custody,Personal,Wills, Probates and Trusts

Reading Time: 3 minutesDo you have a friend or family member going through a separation?  If yes, often this time can be a highly emotional and tumultuous stage in a person’s life, not only for the 2 parties dissolving their relationship, but also their family and friends. Providing the right support and directing them towards the right services […]

6 Contract Hacks for Small Business
Business,Business Advice,Legal Contracts

Reading Time: 3 minutesAs a small business owner, ensuring you have valid, fair and watertight contracts with your manufacturers, suppliers, customers, client, employees, and/or contractors is a vital part of your business success. So at Legally Yours, we have teamed up with our fixed-fee commercial lawyer, Fiona, to provide 6 contract hacks to assist you in this process. […]


Quick Chat Wills Series – “Appointing a Guardian”

Reading Time: 1 minutesThe Quick Chat series involves a quick talk with a Legally Yours Lawyer for their expert legal advice on topics that matter. This series features Beth Grant from Grant Legal as we discuss topics relevant to Wills. This is the third episode in a five part series that covers – Appointing a Guardian Beth Grant is […]


Is Your #startup Investor Ready?

Reading Time: 1 minutesMany entrepreneurs I work with proudly tell me how much work they’ve undertaken ‘pressure testing’ their business idea, to gain proof of concept and for feeling that their plan is now validated. Many view such validation as, in itself, making their idea investor-ready. That view is wrong. Investors don’t just want a great idea and […]